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ここはどこ? by firreflly

Want to Spot Earth’s First Cousin? Look for the Swan in the Sky

From here on Earth, the planet Kepler-186f is a faint spot in the chaotic and twinkling universe. Its star is dim and far, far away.
But Kepler-186f is making headlines on Earth because, despite its distance, it looks a lot like our own planet.
The Kepler-186 system is in the constellation Cygnus, which stargazers will know as the easy-to-spot swan in the northern hemisphere’s summertime sky. 
From a human perspective, that makes it unusual. Kepler-186f is the first Earth-like planet in the habitable zone around its star that scientists have ever found. (!)
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Spiral Mystery


Completely random Friday greatness: Electronic music pioneer and composer Wendy Carlos revisits bits of never-before-heard music from the scores for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. [via Resident Advisor]


Joanne Ratajczak
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Gal: This is madness, I’ve had enough of this “Crime and Punishment” bollocks. I’m happy here. Don: I won’t let you be happy, why should I? 
— from “Sexy Beast”

Kris Graves
'Mall of America, Minnesota', 2009.

#972, record setter for New York to London with a time of 1 hr 54 min 56.4 sec on September 1st, 1974, Los Angeles to Washington, DC in 1 hr 4 min 20 sec and west to east coast in 1 hr 7 min 54 sec.

Vivian Maier